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   ABC Online 9th March 2018 - Four wives, two mistresses and a double agent

♦   Listen to ABC 'Conversations' with Richard Fidler & Sarah Kanowski  16th February 2018 - The daring and scandalous life of British double agent 'Celery'. This very popular show is downloaded 3 million times per month. You can listen to Carolinda's interview online, or download it as an audio file. - "This has been a truly absorbing read with Carolinda demonstrating just how much can be achieved with such whole-hearted perseverance." Anne Morjanoff, author The Joy of Living – Postponing the Afterlife 

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♦  The Spy Who Stayed Out In The Cold - Sydney Morning Herald 22.09.17

 ♦  Delving into the tale of the war-time MI5 double agent - Monmouthshire Beacon 04.12.17

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Interviews with Carolinda Witt, Nigel West and Walter Dicketts' two sons Robert and Richard are available.